Entertain, educate, thrill to bring cultural heritage to life making it a place of labour and professionalization. Using research and communication we create new concepts put at the service of society and its development.
Officine Culturali valorises cultural and environmental heritage as well as the landscape through processes aiming at raising knowledge and awareness among the general public: a fundamental step for the preservation and enhancement of heritage. It offers its capabilities to public and private institutions that own a monument or a site and intend to contract out the valorisation activities. 
Among its objectives there is also a social one: i.e. the possibility that the valorisation of culture leads to the creation of jobs and the professionalization of young people. 
Officine Culturali intends to realise these objectives providing to visitors (without any discrimination due to cultural or geographic origin, age, social status, gender, and psycho-physical capacity) services that transfer knowledge about history, architecture, the urban context, such as guided tours and other activities of research, education and entertainment. 

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