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Our services conceive the fruition of culture as an emotional and exploratory experience. Different professionals work for the mise en valeur of the traditions and culture of an area.

• Guided tours

• Bookshop | Focus on local craft and publications in the field

• Tourist info point | Information service for the public 

• Organisation of exhibitions, cultural and promotional events 

Edutainment and museum educational programs

We transform cultural heritage in a space of experience, where it is possible to develop curiosity, observation skills, intuition and creativity. We do this creating relationships and stimulating interest in one’s own history using games and story telling.

• Educational tours/programs for children

• Seminars

• Workshop

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We design projects about culture dealing with all the phases involved: from the design of the project and the analysis of its potential impact, to the monitoring and diffusion of the results. Read more

Professional training

We share our knowledge to stimulate a joint development with other individuals and organisations. We train professionals in the enhancement of culture through internship, seminars, and collaborations. Read more

Promotion, communication and marketing

Participation, creativity and research are our tools to communicate culture: from the creation of the texts to their distribution through all the communication channels. 

• Contents design 

• Advertising 

• Social media strategies

• Web 

• Graphic

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