Educational programs

"We train children to laugh"
The valorisation and fruition of cultural heritage is our testing ground. Officine Culturali has been implementing strategies to make cultural heritage more understandable and accessible and to raise awareness about the importance of its conservation. 
Our experience, together with the constant dialogue with experts in museum education activities as well as schoolteachers, led to the introduction of new methodologies and tools to make the visit to the site educational and enjoyable for students and visitors. 
The objective is that of transforming cultural heritage in a space for cognitive experiences where it is possible to develop curiosity, observation skills, intuition and creativity. We raise curiosity about history through games and story telling. 
  • Guided tours
  • Thematic and playful routes
  • Educational activities about arts, craft, reading, gardening, archaeology
  • Seminars and courses 
  • Contest on multimedia productions aiming at the promotion of the city
  • Theatre performances 
  • Theatrical guided tours

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